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Written by Miguel | 17-02-2013 23:39:02 | e-mail: miguespain@gmail.com
Congratulations. Very nice shoots. Go on

Written by caparobertsan | 08-12-2011 22:39:27 | e-mail: kazuhiro.fujii@bigpond.com
Amazing photos! I love everything about your images! Very skilled uncompromised images!

Written by Fred Weijts | 05-10-2011 12:51:20 | e-mail: f.weijts5@chello.nl
zit er goed uit ik wist niet dat zou gek was van
foto"s maken heel mooi

Written by Gaal | 05-05-2011 15:27:46 | e-mail: gaal@mac.com
Liked many of your pictures, great page !

Written by Edwin Tieben | 24-02-2011 22:31:12 | e-mail: Etieben@planet.nl
Erg mooie en inspirerende website ccompliment

Gr Edwin van der gaag dental Rotterdam

Written by Colin Wolstenholme | 18-01-2011 18:42:45 | e-mail: CWolstCAPT@aol.com
Spent some time looking at your site. Most impressed

Written by Bert | 16-11-2010 08:28:13 | e-mail: bzwart12@tele2.nl
Mooie en professionele site Jaap. Schitterend logo. Ik zag de link op Leica forum.
Groet Bert. www.bertdezwart.nl

Written by Rob Miller | 18-01-2010 10:50:53 | e-mail: ke-Miller3546@escapedemail.com
I liked your site.

Written by Leon | 22-08-2009 16:00:55 | e-mail: leon_janata@volny.cz
Man who has optimismus as diagnose,with all mental and corporal consequences stands and wonder over your sense to look and see the beauties , your ability to find the way how to show its ideas ! Thank you !

Written by Guy Story Brown | 08-07-2009 04:34:38 | e-mail: storybrown@gmail.com
Hi, Jaap - visiting from LUG. Excellent site, excellent images, both R9/DMR & M8. I like many of the shots very much, but I think my favorite would be "Mud" (from your experimental category, I think) in a large print. Pretty hard to choose, though!

Written by auke douma | 04-04-2009 21:02:36 | e-mail: auke douma
ontzettend leuke site heb je .alles is speels gegroepeerd. ben sinds gisteren in het bezit van leica d-lux4 en hoop daar ook goede opnamen mee te kunnen maken.

Written by Peter Enkel | 28-03-2009 18:09:09 | e-mail: peter.enkel@gmail.com
Hi Jaap, super web site and imagery to match!

Written by Michael | 13-10-2008 15:54:14 | e-mail: trentsw2@aol.com
Loved your sunset over Nkwichi - all the more special because I know and love the place